This rich, 87% natural, intensive hand & body moisturiser offers significant relief to people suffering from dry & sensitive skin. Packed with beeswax, Vitamin E, Pentavitin and natural oils the formulation nourishes the upper epidermis skin layers.

With its clinically proven anti-ageing results (confirming significant improvement in skin hydration, smoothness, firmness, elasticity and wrinkle depth reduction) this product offers exceptional value for money.

For best results, apply our Liquid Gold - Pure Tissue Oil first to nourish the deeper dermis layer and the apply the Intensive Moisturiser to lock in the goodness of the natural oils in the upper epidermis layer.

Size: 100ml & 200ml

- No Colourants

- No Parabens

- No Liquid Paraffin

- No Propylene

- No Triethanolamine

- No Disodium EDTA